We do non-collision repairs, small dents, hail damage, dings, chips in paint, scratches, bumper repairs and small spot blends.
Click on the link to see the answer to your question: What kinds of repairs do you do? What is PDR? How does PDR work? My car was keyed. Can you fix it? Do you only service dealerships? How do I contact you? Does the car need to be clean before the technician works on it? How long do I have to wait after a paint repair to wash my car? How long will it take me to get an estimate? How long does it take for me to get an appointment? If I go to Tanglewood Autowash(Roanoke) or Ideal Service Center(Martinsville), do I need an appointment? Are Tanglewood Autowash and Ideal Service Center the only places I can meet your technicians? How long will a touch-up last? I heard they wash off. How do you match the paint? How do you paint without a paint booth? What about dust and debris from painting outside? Do you paint in rain? What do your technicians need to have available to be able to do work on-site? How much do repairs cost? We do non-collision repairs, small dents, hail damage, dings, chips in paint, scratches, bumper repairs and small spot blends. Return to top PDR – paint-free dent removal – is a method that allows us to repair a dent without having to paint the damaged area. Return to top We have specially designed tools that we use to either get behind the dent and massage it out or pull it from the front. Return to top It depends on the depth of the scratch and how long it is. If it is confined or limited to one door or one panel we can usually repair it, but if it is the length of the car or on both sides. we can’t.
No, we gladly provide services to the general public.
Yes, the cleaner the better! A clean car helps us see what needs to be repaired more easily and makes it easier to do repairs without the risk of dirt contamination or scratches. And we won’t mess up your fresh wash job!
You can wash your car by the next day, and can wax after 60 days. Dent repairs are ready immediately – you can wash your car immediately!
Getting an estimate is fast, we can look at the vehicle and give you in a estimate in as little as five minutes.
Typically we can schedule an estimate within a week, and the repair within two to three weeks.
Our touch-ups are done using automotive paint, the same type of paint on your car. You can expect a long life from our touch-up repair, so your car looks good as long as you own it!
We mix the paints to the color codes on the vehicle. We then have to try the match, comparing colors, custom matching the color if necessary. We are experienced in precise color matching.
Paint booths are only used for two things, to dry the paint faster and reduce dust. It does not make the paint stronger or better in any way compared to our method. Shops must have paint booths because of high volume and emission requirements. Paint booths do not prevent dust or imperfections. Correction of the imperfections may be done by wet sanding and buffing to give a near perfect appearance. This is commonly done in body shops. We also provide this service, giving the same near perfect result.
This may cause slight imperfections in the paint layer or clear coat. If necessary, it is simply corrected by wet sanding and buffing, which totally gets all imperfections out. No one can control Mother Nature, but we can work around her!
NO. Since we do work outside, and you have an appointment on a rainy day, it will be rescheduled. If any of our work is damaged by rain, we will fix it.
Our technicians need space enough to work around your car and access to an electrical outlet.
80% of our typical dent repairs are in the $100-$200 range. Touch-ups for small chips start at $99. Spot blends to repair scratches and scrapes start at $249. Painting and refinishing entire panels starts at $349.
Come to one of our partner locations. No appointment necessary! Estimates and small dent repairs can be completed on site. Other, more extensive, repairs will be scheduled at your convenience. Tanglewood Auto Wash, Roanoke Paint & dent estimates available Wednesdays, 9-11 AM Service Center, Martinsville Paint estimates only Fridays, 8-11 AM

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